Soft launch of the Old Silhillians Archive Project

5 January 2010 Shenstonian - 1945

During this period, whilst the website is still in beta test mode and also whilst scanning of Archive material is ongoing, users are free to browse the site, set up personal profiles and explore the increasing range of archive material available.

So far, all available copies of the Shenstonian are searchable, together with copies of the Silhillian and school Diaries.  The scanners have now started to work on individual years, commencing with the 1977-83 period; eventually all material will be scanned and made available online.

During this period, please send any comments to Paul Rivers, Chairman of RE:MEDIA Limited.  RE:MEDIA are the company which have created the website concept and are also providing resources to scan material.  Paul can be contacted at, or can be contacted through his profile on this website.


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