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Trustees Report
The Trustees present their Annual Report and the audited Financial Statements for the year ended at the AGM in December.

The Charity is governed by a set of rules agreed by the founders on 3rd November 1999 when approval was obtained from the Registrar of Charities.

Objects and Policies
The sole object in the Trust deed is “The provision of full and/or part scholarships and to provide grants or support for pupils at Solihull School, West Midlands.

Reserves Policy
The Trustees have considered it reasonable for the Charity to retain sufficient reserves to generate the investment income required to fulfil the commitments undertaken and the objects of the Charity.

Trustees’ Responsibilities
The Trustees are required to prepare Financial Statements for each financial year which give a true and fair view of the state of the Charity’s affairs and its incoming resources and application of resources for that period.  In preparing those statements, the Trustees are required to:

  • Select suitable accounting policies and then apply them consistently
  • Make judgements and estimates that are reasonable and prudent
  • Prepare the Financial Statements on the going concern basis unless it is inappropriate to presume that the Charity will continue its activities.

The Trustees are responsible for keeping proper accounting records which disclose with reasonable accuracy at any time the financial position of the Charity and to enable them to ensure that the financial statements comply with the Charities Act. They are also responsible for safeguarding the assets of the Charity and hence for taking reasonable steps for the prevention and detection of fraud and other irregularities.

Chairman’s Report
Old Silhillians have always been at the forefront of support for their school and I am deeply grateful to those who have worked so hard in the past to bring this charitable trust to fruition.

Many of you will be aware of my comments in previous magazine issues that the School goes from strength to strength and has developed a reputation in the West Midlands and further afield which I hope reflects that of its ancestors.   You will also realise that the students of Solihull School come from different backgrounds and experiences. The School therefore has two crucial responsibilities to them:

  • To give them a broad and successful education
  • To prepare them for higher education and their future career.

It is inevitable that both these responsibilities carry significant financial consequences both for parents and the School.  I have no doubt that the School is committed to equality of experience, through allowing every student the chance to be involved in the opportunities they provide and attending the university or college which best mirrors their aspirations and abilities.   It is unfortunate though, that with the present financial constraints we cannot always fulfil our commitment and desire as a trust, and some students either have fewer opportunities within the School or perhaps even more importantly are unable to attend the higher education institution that their abilities merit.   It is a source of great regret to me personally that those students are often the most deserving and “first generation” participants in higher education. I know that many of you reading this who were successful in later life were from this very kind of background.

All of us, as members of the Old Silhillians' Association, owe a great debt of gratitude to the School that did so much to educate and prepare us for the challenges of our adult lives throughout our formative years. As our appreciation of the School has grown with advancing years, we have been seeking for ways in which we could repay, in part, this great debt by helping the young people who are its students today.   Please help us achieve our objectives as a trust by donating as generously as possible to the trust.  A “Gift Aid” donation now and if possible, a legacy in your will, has significant tax and financial advantages.

Gift Aid Donations
Those who pay income or Capital Gains Taxes will be able to substantially enhance their donation by completing a Gift Aid Form.  A Gift Aid Form is available to download HERE|.

Legacy in a Will
Apart from making lifetime donations, one effective way of supporting the Old Silhillians' Trust and helping to finance its work is by bequeathing a legacy by your will.   As the Trust is an approved charity, any bequest to it will be exempt from the burden of Inheritance Tax. If, therefore, your estate is liable to Inheritance Tax, the value of that part of the estate on which tax is payable will be reduced by the amount of the bequest. Accordingly, a bequest will not only benefit the Trust but reduce your estates liability to Inheritance Tax.

I hope that you will feel able to support these young people, many of whom go forward, as did you, to make their mark in the world. Both they and I would be very grateful for any commitment you feel able to make to the Old Silhillians' Trust.   The Trust may be contacted by post at -

The Chairman
The OSA Trust
The Memorial Clubhouse and Ground
Warwick Road
Copt Heath
West Mdilands B93 9LW

or by email HERE|

Peter A Thomas
Old Silhillians' Trust


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