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We recognise that former pupils are a valuable resource for current students, and as such, we endeavour to support them in their journeys toward the world of work. To this end, we work closely with the Development and Alumni Office and Careers Department of Solihull School, both responding to requests to connect with students, and proactively offering our services.

There are several key ways in which you can help support today’s students to become tomorrow’s successful Old Silhillians:

Become a Career Mentor
This could be as big or little a role as you make it. Some of our alumni enjoy email exchanges between students interested in their specialisms, whilst others prefer building relationships face to face. Whichever way it is done, students highly value the support of a Career Mentor and gain much from it.

Careers.2 Offer work placements
We all know that having a work experience student in our midst is not without effort. Nonetheless, the support of Old Silhillians here is essential. Without the connections we can give them, many students find it difficult to get on-the-job experience, which is a vital part of their planning for their futures.

Give practice interviews and/or CV advice
There are key times when a grilling from an expert is just what is needed to give Solihull students the edge when it comes to securing their desired university place, degree apprenticeship or job. Many of us have reached that place in our careers where we are doing the hiring; knowing what we are looking for, and communicating that with students in a practical way, is a real help to many. Others of us have recently qualified and gone through the process ourselves, and so are able to connect with current students and share our experiences.

Speak at Careers Lunches
Current students enjoy hearing from Old Silhillians who are working in an area that they themselves are considering. When we consider that most students have only narrow experience of the world of work, via family members, we can see how important it is to enlighten this next generation as to their many options.

If you feel able to offer your support to current students of Solihull School in any of these ways, or indeed in another way not mentioned, please do contact Mrs Rhian Chillcott, Head of Careers.|

To keep up to date with the Careers Department, please follow their Facebook page HERE |


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